This 5 Professions To Aim For English Experts

Knowing English does not imply you have to teach the same subject only. If you know English and also has healthy knowledge about subjects like history, geography or civics – you can proceed on being good teachers. Considering the rise in a number of English medium schools, it is easy to get hired as a teacher when you have good knowledge about English subject.

One of the interesting job roles that you can aim for with a good English knowledge is of an interpreter. As an English interpreter, you might opt for translating from local Indian language to English or vice versa. You can help organizations or individuals to interpret both written documents or translate verbal communication as well. In case along with English knowledge you know a foreign language, then your scope as an interpreter improves.

Tourist guide
One of the traditional job roles that English proficients take up is that of tourist guides. It’s interesting that, as you meet new people every day and convey important information related to tourist places. The job of a tourist guide involves lots of traveling and might have stretched working hours as well. So be careful about health hazards before you apply as a tourist guide in museums, public places and so on.

Communications role
One of the newly emerged job roles for English proficients is in the communications department where you are responsible for smooth communication within and outside the organization. When working in the communications role, you might have to work both on verbal and written communication. The job role is prestigious and offers healthy remuneration.

If you are really confident about your English writing skill, then the writer is a good profession. As a writer, you can pick your own style and genre of writing. This will make the writing task easy for you and then, serve content to organizations or individuals. As an English writer, you have to be careful about plagiarism in your writing.