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What Is A Student’s Best Literary Resource?

We all know that the key to a good education is reading.  We don’t know that even the most dedicated readers and students may be handicapped by the inability to find the desired reading materials easily accessible.  And even with the assistance of the internet, the world wide web and intercity libraries students often have difficulty finding the particular reading materials they seek for their studies and research.  When faced with this dilemma my professor sent me to Amazon.  She said it was the one place where I could have the best chance of finding a rare volume.  Books long out of print, as well as books on different topics or by unknown authors were all findable from Amazon.  And they would conduct searches to find copies of volumes I’d thought were long unavailable.

When you seek factual historical information on particular subjects the best possible resources are usually your libraries and book collections.  Yet many libraries and collections are either subject or area specific.  This can result in the researcher having to seek elsewhere when trying to find material about a specific topic.  So you often find researchers wandering everywhere to look at collections of printed materials in order to collect the essential information they need for their own projects.

Today with e-books and Kindle so readily available, many people think the demand for the printed volume has gone the way of the canal towboat and the model T Ford.  But in truth, while Kindles are convenient and popular, people find quickly that nothing has yet replaced the printed volume.  And outside of the world’s great libraries there are few places where a serious student can find printed volumes with the breadth and diversity of topics as Amazon.  They are not just a seller of books but a dispenser of knowledge and awareness.  So take advantage of Groupon promo codes to make your next purchases from Amazon.  I keep a personal list of titles and whenever an opportunity arises I use my Groupon to enable me to make more purchases at a discount.  They help me expand my personal “library” – it only fills a few shelves, but with Amazon’s assistance it will continue to grow steadily!